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[S11E22] She's Leaving Home

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Jackson's outside the hospital, FaceTiming April. He couldn't call her earlier today due to his work, and now she only has a couple of minutes. He confesses that he had to bought a new couch because he stained the old one. She says she's not coming home next week. She can't return home yet, because there's so much more to learn. The connection is terrible so he can't hear her entire explanation. She feels like she can't go home yet. He partially understands, but she can't talk about it now. She asks if they can talk again in a couple of hours, but he'll be asleep then. As he asks when she'll be home then, the connection fails.

He sits down on the stairs and takes the call. Jackson says the thing at Alex's house is fine, but he misses her. She apologizes and claims she tried to be home. He doubts that, since she extended the tour three times already. He reminds her it's Christmas. She asks if he thinks she doesn't want to be there. He says she could've been here, since she hasn't been drafted. She's supposed to be there. April replies they're also supposed to have a child and celebrate Christmas with that child. Owen interrupts the call. They've got to pack up and bug out. There's panic in the camp and Jackson starts asking what's going on. April mentions something about insurgents as Jackson hears the sound of bombs in the background. Then the call fails, leaving Jackson scared and frustrated.

The scene mirrors Meredith's flashback of watching her mother try to kill herself, and Zola is a parallel to young Meredith. The difference? Meredith isn't trying to take the easy way out. Maybe leaving wasn't the best idea, but she's powering through all of this the only way she knows how. 781b155fdc


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