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Kannada Novels By Saisuthe Hit

LINK ===

Vasudhendra thinks a language protects the health of a society and holds it together. There will be a deep problem when this fabric is torn off, he adds. The NRI children visiting India carry huge English literature books as their schools have mandated reading novels. Language is so important in all cultures across the globe.

sir, thank you so very much..i have no more words to explain you my happiness and gratitude for this link..expecting more and more like this..iam a great fan of kannada novels..this link is a feast for those who cant have the accessibility to hard copies of kannada novels especially when people are away from their homeland..thanks a lot..

Hi Mahesh,Thank you very much. I just viewed some of the PDF files and all of them were scanned ones. Being in IT field, I understand the pain in scanning few pages to create a PDF of my own. By looking at the collection you had, I just have to say, Hats Off. Keep the good work going. I used to get kannada books only when I travel home. But, now, I have an option. Thank you again.With regards,Muralidhara KChennai

mahesh a very little people will serve people in different manner and u r the one who serving kannada people in a very needed time really u r done a marvellous job, i was trying to find kannada pdf but u r the one who made my dream come true, thank u once again for your kannada love and please update all poorna chandra tejasvis books i will be thankfull for my life for you .

Thanks u so much for uploading so many kannada books sir, my mom like to read kannada books and it was the only lifeline for her when she was in USA else she would get bored which would have been hard for me to watch. She liked so many of these books and also had a great time.Thanks a lot once again.

Hi sir,thankful to you for opportunity for us to have nice kannada books,appreciate from heart on your hard work and commitment to serve community,thank u....regardsDr srinivas

Hello Mahesh,Thank you very much for these links..You have lovely collection of books. I am glad I ran into your blog. Its not very easy to find kannada novels, but I must say you have made it very easy for any newbie to download from your blog. I have downloaded all the books in just 30 mins. Fantastic...Thanks once again for your effort and making it available for others.- Guruprasad

Dear Mr.HegadeThank you so very much. I was looking for kannada books for a long time. I ran into your blog and found such wealth. You are doing a great service for Kannada as a true son of Karnataka. MAY GOD BLESS YOU

Hi Mahesh,Thank you for the Books. Great work. I live outside India and i haven't met anyone from karnataka in past 9 months. These books keep me close to kannada naadu.Thank you So Much.

thank you very much sir, i m really so happy and greatful to you for giving such a wonderful oppurtunity to read our kannada novels, i feel it will create crave in people like me to read kannada books. thank you once again.

HiThank you so much for uploading so many kannada books. I appreciate your effort in uploading these books. I hope you will continue to upload more and more Kannada novels.Aparna

Hello, I am very very thankful for this wonderful job and I am so glad I came across this. Far from my motherland, I spent a good amount of time trying to find kannada books online. I must say this is the only time I have not been dissappointed. I still cannot believe I got so many good books that make books that make me stay connected. Once again special Thanks and specially for Belli Moda!Heartfelt gratitude and warm regards,Deepthi

Hi Mahesh,thank you a ton, u made my day today i was searching kannada novels almost 1 year. Today im very much happy and i appreciate your work.One request from my side i was searching for Triveni's 'Apaswara' and 'Apajaya' novels, if possible post that too..thank you.. :)

Thnq so much for the kannada novels I read someone mentioning about stopping this blog n can I bring one thing to his attention, we live th


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