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Where Can I Buy An Otoscope Locally

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Where Can I Buy An Otoscope Locally

Henry Schein has otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes available on our medical website. Otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes are constantly being used in routine checkups and, as the number one medical products and service provider, we understand how important these pieces of equipment are.

Introduction: Greenland has one of the highest prevalences of otitis media in the world. However, access to ear specialists throughout Greenland is limited and currently there are no national guidelines for treatment or prevention. Tele-otoscopy may be beneficial in optimizing diagnosis and treatment. The smartphone otoscopy device, Cupris, has previously been validated when used by medical doctors on a population primarily consisting of adults. In this study we evaluated the usability of the Cupris otoscope when used by local health care workers with different levels of training and education, examining children aged 1-6 years.

Conclusions: In this study the usefulness of the Cupris TYM otoscope did not prove to be sufficient with the presented instruction in the hands of local health care workers when examining Greenlandic children. Focus on training and education of local health personnel is crucial and warranted before advantageous implementation for non-specialist health care workers can be expected.

Photograph showing the edited image of the tympanic membrane taken by the patient's smartphone with the wireless otoscope. A: Normal tympanic membrane (right ear); B: post-operation of external auditory canal cholesteatoma (right ear); C: cerumen impaction (right ear); D: traumatic tympanic membrane perforation (right ear).

3.5V diagnostic EENT instruments are among the most important tools in a clinician's repertoire, critical for any comprehensive physical exam. The ADC Diagnostix 5411 is a complete portable diagnostic otoscope that includes the 3.5V otoscope head and plug-in rechargeable Li-ion battery handle in a zippered padded nylon case. The otoscope head features fiberoptic light transmission, optical glass for 3X magnification and reduced reflection, and a bidirectional swivel lens. Choose from halogen/xenon or advanced AdLED illumination.

The best otoscope can help you spot infections and when ear wax build-up is becoming a problem. And you don't have to be a medical professional to use one, so they make a good addition to any home's medicine cabinet.

Your doctor may dim the lights in the exam room to make it easier to see your ear canal and eardrum with an otoscope. An otoscope is a handheld light with a removable plastic tip shaped like a cone that allows the doctor to look inside your ear.

Your doctor may use a pneumatic otoscope, which has a plastic bulb on the end, to blow a small puff of air against your eardrum. Normally, this air will cause your eardrum to move. Your doctor will see little or no movement if you have an infection and fluid buildup behind your eardrum.

This site is intended for residents of the European Union, Russia, Middle East, and Africa only. Approved product indications, registrations, and presentations may differ between countries. For any other countries, visit our companys global website at or the company website for your country for information about the availability of our products where you live and to obtain the most current registration details and approved product label.

Survey of Current CM Methods by AudiologistsTo determine the typical audiologist's views about microscopes, I conducted a small survey of 25 audiologists and audiology students at the 2008 American Academy of Audiology meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sixty-eight percent of those interviewed stated they perform CM on a routine basis. Of those performing CM, 40% stated they use a hand-held (HH) otoscope (usually of the Hotchkiss variety);24% use a video-otoscope (VO) system with an otoloop attachment (although most agreed VO is not very handy for cerumenectomies);


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