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Live Free Or Die Hard


The Woodlawn building is actually an NSA facility intended to back up the nation's personal and financial records in the event of a cyber attack and designed by Gabriel himself. The attack on the FBI triggered a download of financial data to Woodlawn, data which Gabriel plans to steal. Meanwhile, ordered by Gabriel, one of his top men kills all but one of his computer hackers after they've outlived their usefulness. Gabriel then taps into the connection they made, which reveals the location of McClane's estranged daughter Lucy, whom he kidnaps. McClane and Gabriel then meet - virtually - McClane telling him he will lose.

McClane and Farrell race to the Woodlawn facility. Farrell finds the facility's main server and encrypts the data Gabriel's men downloaded before getting captured. Gabriel then takes Farrell and Lucy with him as he flees. McClane pursues them, hijacking their semi mobile base. Accessing the communication system of an F-35B Lightning II, Gabriel orders the pilot to attack the truck McClane is driving, but the jet is destroyed by falling debris. McClane barely survives and sees Gabriel's vehicle pull into a nearby hangar. He contacts the FBI and orders the director to storm the facility where Gabriel is situated and rescue his daughter if he doesn't make it out alive.

The film's plot is based on an earlier script entitled by David Marconi, screenwriter of the 1998 film Enemy of the State.[16] Using John Carlin's Wired magazine article entitled "A Farewell to Arms", Marconi crafted a screenplay about a cyber-terrorist attack on the United States.[17][18] The fictional attack concept[19] is called "fire sale" in the movie, depicting a three-stage coordinated attack on a country's transportation, telecommunications, financial, and utilities infrastructure systems. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the project was stalled, only to be resurrected several years later and rewritten into Live Free or Die Hard by Doug Richardson and eventually by Mark Bomback.[20]

The Orphanage developed a multi-level freeway interchange for use in one of the film's final scenes by creating a digital environment and a 1,000-foot (300 m) long spiral ramp that was built in front of a bluescreen.[29] When a F-35 jet is chasing McClane on the freeway, a miniature model and a full-size prop were both built to assist in digitally adding the jet into the scene.[29][30] The nine-foot model was constructed from November 2006 through February 2007.[29] When the jet is shown hovering near the freeway, editors used the software 3D graphics program Maya to blur the background and create a heat ripple effect.[29]

In the United States, the first three films in the Die Hard series were rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. Live Free or Die Hard, however, was edited to obtain a PG-13 rating. In some cases, alternate profanity-free dialogue was shot and used or swearing was cut out in post-production to reduce profanity. Director Len Wiseman commented on the rating, saying "It was about three months into it [production], and I hadn't even heard that it was PG-13... But in the end, it was just trying to make the best Die Hard movie, not really thinking so much about what the rating would be."[25]

The Blu-ray and DVD were released on October 29, 2007, in the United Kingdom,[43] on October 31 in Hungary,[44] November 20 in the United States,[45] and December 12 in Australia. The DVD topped rental and sales charts in its opening week of release in the U.S. and Canada.[46][47] There is an unrated version, which retains much of the original 'R-rated' dialogue, and a theatrical version of the film. However, the unrated version has a branching error[clarification needed] that resulted in one of the unrated changes being omitted. The film briefly switches to the PG-13 version in the airbag scene; McClane's strong language is missing from this sequence (although international DVD releases of the unrated version are unaffected).[48]


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