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Buy Golf Rangefinder

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While any of the rangefinders mentioned in this post will do the job of telling you distances, there are some that will do it faster, are more enjoyable to use, and have features that while not always essential are really nice to have.

Nikon is known for world class camera lenses, so it's only natural their rangefinder will look crystal clear. Throw in image stabilization And you have a very unique golf rangefinder that works great.

There are a LOT of bad rangefinders in the sub-$200 price range. This isn't one of them. It works well, is fast, and while it may not quite have the display or optics of more expensive devices, it does exactly what you need a rangefinder to do: give you the distance. Quickly.

This and the Nikon I mentioned above are the only image-stabilized rangefinders I know of. This works in the same way a stabilized camera lens works, and makes it incredibly easy for even the shakiest of hands to range long distances.

I bought a Pinned golf range finder from a golf trade show recently and have been super impressed with the quality and accuracy. I had a precision pro before (it was okay but I left it in a cart :-[ ) and would definitely consider this an upgrade.

Arguably best of all, the 6S has a few unique features that really surprised us during testing for a rangefinder so affordable. The 6S automatically turns off after 8 seconds to save battery power, is fully water-resistant, comes with a highly durable magnetic closure carrying case, and has textured grip pads for easy carrying and use for all golfers.

Every rangefinder model on our list will do its intended job well, but each choice has unique features that could make one option better for your game than another. The right choice for you depends on your specific needs. After checking out our favorite features to consider when buying a rangefinder above, you should now have a good idea of what features are most important to you before making your buying decision.

The Callaway 300 Pro rangefinder also has slope capability, which automatically adjusts distances for elevation changes. This mode can be turned off at any time so that it can be used legally in tournaments.

The Precision Pro NX10 Slope has the same key features that are common with most golf rangefinders rolled out over the last couple years, namely a magnetic cart attachment and pulse vibrations when locking onto the flag.

Bushnell has always been known to make quality rangefinders. The Tour V5, in particular, offers several improvements over the Tour V4 including a visual lock-on aid, magnetic cart mount, and enhanced optics.

The KLYR is a brand new laser rangefinder offering by TecTecTec. It has a modern, pocket-sized design with a matte finish, and it packs versatile features such as a built-in magnet and belt clip at a very affordable price point.

The TecTecTec KLYR is compact, coming in at about 30% smaller than the average rangefinder. It has a continuous scan mode for measuring distances to bunkers, hazards, and other points on the course.

The KLYR also has a Target Lock feature, which involves pressing and holding the Power button and slowly moving the aim over the flag from an object behind the flag. The rangefinder will lock onto the flag and display the yardage.

Not only is it a powerful, full-featured laser rangefinder with flag lock and slope adjustment, but the viewfinder is also overlaid with full-colour 2D CourseView maps which display distances to all hazards, layups, and the front, middle and back of the green.

When the rangefinder is connected to the Garmin Golf app on your smartphone, it can even display wind speed and direction to inform your club selection. With an active app membership, it can also display green contour data.

The Z82 rangefinder is absolutely packed with features that work well, and the accuracy is better than most. However, many people would like a longer battery life, and the device can switch to a different hole if you miss the fairway too far l


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