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How To Download Facebook App On Iphone 5c [CRACKED]

LINK >>>

The way to do this is by finding the app in the Purchased page on your App Store account. When you re-download an app from here, developers often give you the option to download an older, compatible version of it.

If you have a different iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running newer software, use that to download the app you want. If you do so using the same Apple ID account, it should appear in the purchased page on your older device as well.

To change App Store accounts, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID and select Sign Out. Now your friend or family member can sign in to the App Store. Make sure you repeat this to sign back into your own account after you download the app.

This step is essentially the same as what we already suggested, except you use iTunes to download the app and get it into your purchase history that way instead. This is only possible with older versions of iTunes, which had a built-in App Store.

With iTunes 12.6.5 or earlier installed on your computer, you can search for apps from the built-in App Store. When you download them, they appear in the App Store Purchased page on your older device as well.

Open iTunes and select Apps from the drop-down menu. Then click the App Store button and search for the app you want to download. Click to download the app, which may prompt you to enter your Apple ID password.

hope you could help as my exiting 3rd party apps was working before on my iphon6 plus but suddenly the 3rd party apps stop working as its required update but i can not update due to its required the ios 13.5 plus. and my iphone 6 plus can only update to ios 12.5.7.

Same here. With much research I believe THATI IF WE CAN uninstall the software version from 9.3.5 to at least 9.3.4 FIRST THEN the JAILBREAK methods will work or jailbreak it with a computer. Then we need to download Phoenix and then Cydia to jailbreak and were good. If you know how to uninstall software upgrade or found another way please let me know. Thank you and good luck.

Hi,I want to ask some questions for my iPad mini 1 the old version of ios,is it still possible to change the software or re-store to make it a new version of iOS,and to be able to download any apps even latest versions. Thank you in advance

Hi,I need to download Microsoft Teams app on my iPhone 4s. I have tried it through a newer device but it is incompatible with my iPhone. It says my updates are up to date but it requires IOS 10 but mine does not allow that. Is there an alternate way to get this to work on my iphone 4s

Google was my internet home page. When I click on Google on my home screen I get the messageUnable to download, without trying to download anything. I am obliged to click done. Everything else is normal. I tried the plane mode solution but no luck. Help please.

M facing issue while using imessage appstore downloading facetime and while playing an online game i am on jio nd rest of the apps like whatsapp insta everything is working well nd m having prblm with above said apps only fed up by reseting settings plz help me out other sims are working properly nd while using other sims all these apps are gng good i have issue with jio sim only pllzz suggest me something

I started having problems after the new year started and cannot download CNN or a voice recorder update and had deleted those after a dozen tries. But the Weather and iMessage updates I was able to download and I downloaded a solitaire game.

I had the issue for months on end and tried all of the reported things to fix it. None worked. I finally discovered that it was caused by the Overcast app that was trying to download some old podcasts that were no longer available online. When I deleted the incomplete downloads from Overcast the problem was (finally) gone.

The general issue seems to be related to background downloads of apps, podcasts, music, etc. that fail, and are retried over and over. It seems that many different causes can lead to the same cryptic popup.

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