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[S4E1] The Last Wedding


It was an hour of fear and loss, but also of love, hope, community, triumph, celebration, and joy. And the series struck the right chord and note for a season-opener, particularly in giving us the long-awaited CoNic wedding.

The moment was especially cherishable in hindsight because of Devon's impending departure. He couldn't stay for his friends' wedding, and he had to forgo standing behind Conrad as his Best Man because of his father's memorial, but he was there long enough to help Conrad gt ready and see him off.

Also, Mina carefully redesigning the wedding dress that belonged to Nic's mother was a nice touch. It speaks to Mina's care for her friend that she took the time, and it was a wonderful tribute to Nic's mother and made Kyle happy.

We knew we were getting a CoNic wedding, but did anyone expect a Minator kiss during the premiere, too? They've been the show's slow-burn, and they could've easily dragged it out longer, but the pandemic must've affected Mina more than she'll let on.

She was aware of how bad things could get, so going on a ventilator upped the stakes knowing it was the last thing she wanted. It's a relief that she survived the ordeal at all, and kudos to The Resident for putting two characters we know in love in jeopardy without killing them off for shock value or a reminder of how deadly this virus is.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! How much did you enjoy the CoNic wedding? Do you think the series did a good job covering COVID without beating us over the head with it? How do you feel about Mina and AJ?

The series was renewed for a fourth season on March 7, 2014.[1] The 22-episode season[2] premiered on September 16, 2014.[3] Beginning this season, Damon Wayans, Jr. was promoted to a series regular.[4] Both Jessica Biel and Reid Scott guest starred in the season premiere.[5] Biel played Kat, "the hottest scientist in the world" who competes with Jess after they both fall for Scott's character Ted, who they both met at a wedding.[6] Kaitlin Olson guest starred as Ashley, Jess' old high school nemesis and Bob Day's much younger fiancée.[7] Michaela Watkins reprised her role as Schmidt's boss Gina.[7] Alan Ritchson guest starred as Matt, an attractive guy that Jess meets at a bar who unfortunately has some shortcomings below the belt.[8] Julian Morris had a recurring role as Ryan Geauxinue, a handsome teacher that replaces Jess in her old teaching position, and for whom Jess ends up having romantic feelings.[9]

The gang attends yet another wedding that they have been to this summer. While there, Jess competes with Kat (Jessica Biel), an overachieving scientist for the affection of Ted (Reid Scott), the best man at the wedding. Schmidt tries to convince Nick to take part in a foursome with two other women.

The gang is invited to a wedding, and is the last wedding of the summer, but as the episode starts Jess is telling Schmidt that she can't go to another wedding, they have spent the whole summer going from wedding to wedding and she's tired. Schmidt tries to convince her and Nick to go out and meet new people. Finally Schmidt got them to go to the wedding and after revealing that Coach was a success on wedding's dating he also goes with them and Winston, who is tired from police academy will go too.

At the wedding, Jess tries to find someone to go with, and she put her eyes on the wedding's best man, Ted (guest starring Reid Scott) wich seem to be the greatest guy in there. Winston and Coach give Jess advices and then Coach runs with a waitress who he had sex with and doesn't remember. When she plans on make a move on him, a scientist girl named Kat (Jessica Biel) plans on hit on him too.

Beth and Eric think their son Ian is taking them out for their 30th wedding anniversary dinner - but find instead that he and his boyfriend Gordon have organised a surprise party at their house. And the gang's all there.

Ian tries to keep the focus on the anniversary couple, but a drunken Cathy tries to prompt wedding


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