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Buy Me A Coffee

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We are betting on this tipping culture, or Gratitude Economy, where you feel thankful for someone who has helped you with their content, or helped you have a good time. So you thank them with a coffee after consuming the content, as opposed to paying something monthly, expecting to get something else in return.

Buy Me a Coffee gives the audience a way to support a creator through the use of donations or tips. If someone enjoys the content you create, then they can buy you a coffee at a set dollar amount you determine.

In the second step == bought coffee ==, Address 1 purchases one coffee. Two other wallets that are not shown ALSO purchase coffees. In total, 3 coffees were purchased for a total tip amount of 3.0 ETH. You can see that Address 2 (which represents the contract address), is holding on to 3.0 ETH.

You can change coffee to something that better fits your personality or something your followers will better relate to, like buying you a tea, a smoothie, ramen, a flower or beats. (Those are all real, by the way.)

Basically, after reading the buymeacoffee script I realized that they load the widget when the window is DOMContentLoaded event is fired. What I do is to fire this event manually after I insert the script.

You can simply add the copied code provided by into head tag of your index.html of your React project. It will load automatically onLoad of your React App. You can customize the properties inside it if required, But I think you don't need to create a separate component to make it work.You can find your index.html inside the public folder.

And that is where Buy Me a Coffee comes in as it allows our audience to buy us a coffee (you can replace coffee with anything you like such as Beer or Pizza) as a way of saying thank you to us, you can also create a membership which allows for recurring income but more on that later.

You can also add a button to your website, which is what I have done on (it is on the homepage and sidebar) and this can be done simply creating the button in your buy me a coffee account (go to dashboard and scroll down integrations and click on website buttons to get the following popup).

Buy me a coffee also offer a few integrations, including a WordPress plugin, which works but I preferred copying the code and pasting it into a widget. They also have integrations with Discord, Stream Alert and Zapier.

If you are looking for a way to potentially take donations directly from your audience, I would recommend checking out Buy Me a Coffee and if you do want to sign up, it would be awesome if you went through my link (you know, one creator helping out another ?).

Their vision of a stress-free workspace that reflect the young, energetic, and vibrant occupants to increase the artystry in much better environ was just one of their brief which was beyond conceptualization. Buy me a coffee is a workspace at Hilite Business Park for young tech aspirants considering unique architectural fabric in keeping with modern norms.

Buy me a coffee stationed at third floor of Hilite Business Park covers total interior plain area premises of 2400 sq. ft. From the launch to the sundeck, the workspace was embellished with various indoor plants, not just with an aim to adorn, but also to boost positiveness as the plants are inherently quite peaceful in divergence with the rush and dust of the city.

By using donations or tips, Buy Me a Coffee provides the audience with a way to help a creator. If someone likes the stuff you create, then they can buy you a coffee at a set dollar amount you determine. Depending on how the creator sets up the account, the payouts are handled directly using PayPal or Stripe. From their Buy Me A Coffee website, creators can also set up monthly subscription packages, membership rewards, or sell extras like e-books and downloadable materials.

Buy me a coffee stationed at third floor of Hilite business park covers a tot


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