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following his friend's retrial and subsequent acquittal on the charge of second degree murder, brandon is doing his best to put his life back on track. to that end, he tries to make sure that he stays out of jail, in order to avoid prison time. at the same time, he works on developing his relationship with leif, and thinks about what he should do with his life, especially after his friend's generous act of turning a blind eye to his involvement in the illegal business. after paying a group of thieves who are in debt to him for his "helping" them by providing him with a room for his home base, brandon finds himself knocked unconscious by someone who catches him. he soon awakens in an unfamiliar place with no idea how he got there and what exactly he was doing. there he meets a beautiful woman named nina, who tells him that it was she who knocked him out, and that she wants to help him.

we believe you could have been killed, but who would have known none of the democrats cared. read his profile. remember that when your captors read your profile. democrats are evil. you are not a victim. trump is a victim! you asked for your freedom, that is how you get your freedom. remember that every time you read or hear the news- you are a victim. democrats are psychopathic. only union members, and the media fool you into believing otherwise. democrats have in the past and currently are the criminals, criminals who collect money from taxpayers in the form of corrupt government employees called lobbyists. that is the real threat to americans. you can be sure these criminal democrats want to cut the taxes for themselves and their cronies. the whole united states of america is funded by taxes, not corporate welfare. last i looked, the united states was not a charitable organisation. the senate is a philanthropic organisation, which funds schools, scientific research, and charities. obamacare is a proven failure. obama was forced to do this as a means of usury by a faction of liberals. this is why someone has to die every morning at 5 a.m. that is your wake-up call.. every morning at 5 am.your wake-up call. someone close to you has been taken from you. we lost someone close to us recently. we sent for our loved one. it is in the past. we will not give up, we will get our loved one back. we will bring him to you. we will help you. we will never give up. we will always love you. you are lucky. you have people who really care about you. we will support you. republicans are the good guys. this is the truth. we need your help to stop these crimes. democrats rape and pillage for profit and then call it philanthropy. it is no less immoral than the mafia. democrats like to kill people for money. they are psychopathic murderers, and that is who should be the target of our calls to criminal action. screw the government socialists. they are evil. your family is in danger, in the media and police are the only sources of help. the democrats are the criminals in our cities. this is our wake-up call. call into the news to advocate government employees investigation. we know for sure many government employees are crooked, and there are many government contracts given out by companies who willingly give out bribes to government officials to get their company contracts. the reason you do not get your loved one back is because their were too many criminals in the police force. you have no one to blame but yourself. all democrats are born criminals. all democrats vote democrat because their family depends on their vote. they do not fight crime. they are the criminals. they are the ones who committed the murder of your loved one. you have a choice to make. you can play the victim or you can take control of your life. you are the only one who can do that. no one can do it for you. you are the only one who can do it. you can take control of your life. the only way you can get justice is by getting people fired. you have the power to get justice. we know that ma


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