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Normally we'd show you Adobe Premiere benchmarks next, but the latest update doesn't play nicely with ultraportable hardware. With the Ryzen 5 4500U, Premiere still does not allow some GPU accelerated effects to run on the Vega GPU, such as the Lumetri filter. AMD says this is Adobe's fault, and that Ryzen Mobile 4000 should be capable of running GPU accelerated filters. Meanwhile, the latest update has, in its attempts to increase GPU accelerated encoding, fully broken support for the MX250. Not to mention that this type of video encoding relies heavily on discrete GPUs now, and isn't a great use case for any ultraportable system.

All countries represented in our database are included in this selection menu, which is updated automatically as the database grows. There must be at least 20 photos from a specific airport in the database before that airport is added to this list.

This pulldown menu, in addition to each year available as a search limiter, also shows the number of photos currently in the database for each specific year, enclosed in brackets. For example, an option of:- 2003 [55000].. indicates that there are 55,000 total photos taken in the year 2003 currently in the database.*Note: The total number of photos, enclosed in brackets, is updated four (4) times hourly, and may be slightly inaccurate.

NOTE: This page is obsolete! Please see the Codes for the representation of names of languages maintained by the Library of Congress or the W3C Internationalization Activity for further and up-to-date information about language codes.

Melissa Cross is honored to continue to serve the vocal community with updated, dependable and an even more concise presentation of the necessary skills required to sustain vocal health as a successful recording/touring vocalist. Access to the latest instruction is easier than ever with the live, interactive experiences and most recent instruction available for purchase here at

BlackEnergy is a malware toolkit that has been used by both criminal and APT actors. It dates back to at least 2007 and was originally designed to create botnets for use in conducting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, but its use has evolved to support various plug-ins. It is well known for being used during the confrontation between Georgia and Russia in 2008, as well as in targeting Ukrainian institutions. Variants include BlackEnergy 2 and BlackEnergy 3.

BONDUPDATER is a PowerShell backdoor used by OilRig. It was first observed in November 2017 during targeting of a Middle Eastern government organization, and an updated version was observed in August 2018 being used to target a government organization with spearphishing emails.

Concipit1248 is iOS spyware that was discovered using the same name as the developer of the Android spyware Corona Updates. Further investigation revealed that the two pieces of software contained the same C2 URL and similar functionality.

Corona Updates is Android spyware that took advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic. The campaign distributing this spyware is tracked as Project Spy. Multiple variants of this spyware have been discovered to have been hosted on the Google Play Store.

Goopy is a Windows backdoor and Trojan used by APT32 and shares several similarities to another backdoor used by the group (Denis). Goopy is named for its impersonation of the legitimate Google Updater executable.

In April 2003, Peter S. Scholtes of the Twin Cities weekly paper City Pages posted in his weblog that Zak Sally had left Low. The following month, the band posted an update[9] to the news on their website: "We have all had to work through some personal things recently ... After sorting it out, the good news is that Zak is remaining in the band ..." In July 2003, they toured Europe with Radiohead, Sally in tow. Following a successful tour in early 2004 that vividly demonstrated the band's commitment to their fans (Parker was visibly pregnant throughout),


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