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Gujarati Duha Chand: A Rich Tradition of Folk Poetry

Gujarati Duha Chand: A Rich Tradition of Folk Poetry

Gujarati Duha Chand is a form of folk poetry that originated in the Kathiawad region of Gujarat. It consists of two-line verses that are sung or recited in a rhythmic and melodious manner. The word duha means "two" and chand means "moon" or "metre". The duha chand verses are usually based on themes of heroism, bravery, love, devotion, nature, and social issues.

The duha chand poetry has a long history that dates back to the 13th century. Some of the famous poets who composed duha chand were Barot, Anup, Hariani, and Kavi Kalapi. The duha chand poetry was also influenced by the Bhakti movement and the Sufi tradition. The duha chand poetry reflects the culture, values, and beliefs of the Kathiawadi people.

Gujarati Duha Chand Pdf 17

The duha chand poetry has two main types: aksharmel chand and matramel chand. The aksharmel chand is based on the number of syllables in each line, while the matramel chand is based on the length of vowels in each line. There are various subtypes of duha chand based on different patterns of syllables and vowels. Some of the common subtypes are mandakrant, shikharini, harini, prithvi, shardulvikridit, strogdhara, vasantatilaka, upendravaja, upjati, vanshasth, totak, bhujangi, malini, and manhar.

The duha chand poetry is still popular among the people of Gujarat and is performed on various occasions such as festivals, weddings, fairs, and cultural programs. The duha chand poetry is also a source of inspiration and education for the younger generation. The duha chand poetry can be found in various forms such as books, audio recordings, videos, and online platforms.

One of the online platforms that offers a collection of Gujarati duha chand lyrics is Kathiyawadi Khamir. The website provides the text format of the duha chand verses along with their meanings and explanations. The website also plans to create a Gujarati duha chand pdf for download in the future. The website aims to preserve and promote the rich tradition of Gujarati duha chand poetry among the people.

The duha chand poetry is not only a form of art but also a form of education. The duha chand verses contain various messages and lessons that can guide the people in their lives. The duha chand verses also express the emotions and feelings of the poets and the listeners. The duha chand verses can make the people laugh, cry, think, and act.

The duha chand poetry is also a form of entertainment and enjoyment. The duha chand verses are often accompanied by musical instruments such as dhol, tabla, harmonium, and flute. The duha chand verses are also performed with dance and gestures. The duha chand verses create a lively and festive atmosphere among the people.

The duha chand poetry is a treasure of Gujarati literature and culture. The duha chand poetry showcases the creativity, talent, and wisdom of the Gujarati poets and people. The duha chand poetry also preserves and promotes the Gujarati language and identity. The duha chand poetry is a source of pride and joy for the Gujarati community.

Here are some examples of Gujarati duha chand verses:

àªàªàª àªàઠàªàªà àªàªà, àªàª àªà àªàªàªµàª àªàªàª

àªà àªàªàªà àªàªàªàªàªàª àªààªàªàª, àªàªà àªàªàªµàªà àªàઠપ àªàªàª

(If you follow the royal way, and eat like a lion

Then you will be ashamed of your own milk teeth, this is the effect of love)

àªàઠàªàªààªàªàઠàªàª àªààªàª àªàªààªà àªàªàªàªàªàઠàªà

àªàઠàªàઠપààªàªàઠàªààªàªàªààªààªàªàª àªàªàªààªàª પààªàªààª-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17

(Just as the desert of Kutch is different from other deserts

So is the Ghed region different from other regions of Saurashtra)

âGujarati Duha Chand Pdf 17â

(This is not a duha chand verse but a keyword for this article)



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